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Aquaponics uses Fish to grow and feed your veges. The future of sustainable indoor herb gardens. Fish, Veges and Herbs at your finger tips and best of all no watering or weeding. Automated with smart technology to ensure success. 


NB: only available up to 800mm x 800mm. For larger jobs please get intouch.


Your custom garden will include grow bed and light. Media can be purchased at an additonal cost.


Your Custom Garden includes an automated full spectrum grow light suitable for all plants, you can adjust the height to match growth, automatic fan to provide good air flow and protect against mildew, smart chip to remember settings in case of an unplanned power outage. Have your fish and grow at the same time. Add your Custom garden to your existing fish pond or indoor fish tank. It dosn't matter the size or shape we can create a stunning, easy to use solution for you. Add a clean, green solution to your kitchen and have fresh, delicious herbs available all year round.

Custom Aquarium Conversions

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