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Te Māra Ranga Wairua

Te Māra Ranga Wairua. The Garden that Weaves Spirits.

Our inspiration garden had an initial grow space of 31 square meters. With 22,000l in the system we are creating the best environment for fish and plants based on bio-mimicry and the best science.

Te Māra Ranga Wairua produced a variety of vegetables and herbs. Cucumber, lettuce, spinach, basil, tomatoes, rock melon right through to Zinnia! As the system matures we will also add vertical grow systems to grow plentiful strawberries and tomatoes. We are also registered with the Hurunui District Council and can wholesale produce direct to other businesses. Registration certificate can be downloaded here.

One of our dreams is for urban Aquaponic farms to be able to raise a healthy and plate ready protein source. 

Imagine a world where we can meet the demand for healthy, organic food in our own backyards. Many nations around the globe are adopting the Circular Economy concept as a model to reduce waste and environmental impact. Aquaponics is purely Circular, being done in a Recirculating Aquaponic System with low water use and almost zero waste output. If the practice of Aquaponics can become a hobby for New Zealander’s where they produce both healthy edible fish and vegetables, we will be building towards a future of urban food security, positive environmental impact, resilience and sustainable food production systems.

The pressure must be taken off the environment. Aquaponics is a viable solution to the problems associated with traditional Agriculture and Aquaculture. Say yes to a better solution and lets do better together.

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