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Hi everyone we are the Chapman's. Our goal is to not only make Aquaponics something people have heard about and know about, but make it doable for anyone and everyone, If we can do it so can you! 

Our story started when our friends son passed away in a tragic accident. He was a quirky, lovable, green thumb, who sung to his veges to help them grow. At the funeral we were all asked to plant something to remember him by because he would of wanted everyone to have a vege patch in their backyard. Because of this awesome kid the first seed was planted.

How could we grow better veges?

How could we do this more sustainability?

How could we maximise what we grow for our family?

We wanted to make the best veges we could to honour this amazing wee man... then Nick found a podcast about Aquaponics and the obsession began.

Our first Aquaponics system was built with second hand IBC containers and blue drums. We didn't have any specialised tools or any idea if we could make it work, but we and our veges just kept growing! We want to share our passion with everyone and teach our children how to grow their own food and have them understand the value, security and pride of growing the food they eat. From our table to yours we welcome you, we are so happy you are here. 

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