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About Us

We are the Chapman’s and we have developed and launched Aquaponics New Zealand because we believe it is the future of sustainable food production.

Aquaponics NZ's story started when our friend’s young 9 year old son passed away in a tragic accident. He was a quirky, lovable green thumb who sung to his vegetables to help them grow. At the funeral we were all asked to plant something to remember him by. He would have wanted everyone to have a vege patch in their backyard. Because of this awesome kid our first seed was planted – in more ways than one!

We asked ourselves how we might grow better vegetables? How could we do this sustainably? And  how could we maximise food growth while encouraging young people and families to also grow their own vegetables? And not least, how was the best way we could keep the memory of this special boy alive.

We truly wanted to honour this amazing young man. We researched and discovered that Aquaponics was the solution we were looking for.

We have a clear vision to provide sustainable, naturally grown, quality food production systems and produce to all New Zealanders. We want to provide a solution to sustainable urban community sourced agriculture, while reducing pollution, reducing demand and use on fresh water, and promoting sustainable environmentally friendly farming.

 A win win for everyone!

Our first Aquaponics System was built with second-hand IBC containers and blue drums. We didn’t have any specialised tools, just good science and a lot of determination – it all came together - and our vegetables just kept growing!

We continue to develop the science and practice of Aquaponics and refining the systems efficacy and efficiency. We have even developed educational lessons that teachers and parents alike can utilise to inspire and teach with their pupils and kids. We have already seen dozens of the units introduced to primary and high schools throughout the country and these are being used as part of their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum.

We want to continue to share our passion with everyone and teach our children, and yours, how to grow their own food. In the near future we hope to see commercial Aquaponic Farms in a city near you! We want everyone to understand the value, security and pride of producing sustainable locally grown Aquaponic food.


From our table to yours, we welcome you on this journey – you will be rewarded in more ways than one – just like we were when we planted that first seed!

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