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Why Aquaponics and not soil?

Sustainable Urban Farms

Aquaponics uses fish and plants to create a harmonious recirculating ecosystem. Aquaponics gives you spray free, organic veggies, while raising fish. Conserve 90% of the water compared to traditional soil based farming. You don't even have to waste time on weeding, you just spend your time harvesting delicious veggies and herbs instead. You can  produce more veggies in less space and even grow vertically, raise protein like Eel, Whitebait and Koura (NZ freshwater crayfish), while growing better tasting veggies. Let mother nature work for you. 

The system has a beautifully simple elegance. The nutrient rich fish waste is broken down by nitrifying bacteria, and the plants purify the water for the fish and thrive as a result.

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Educational, Residential, Indoor and Custom Systems

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Custom Residential Urban Farm Systems

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Our Vision

To provide sustainable, naturally grown, quality food production systems and produce to all New Zealanders. To provide a solution to sustainable urban community sourced agriculture, reducing pollution, reducing demand and use on fresh water, and promoting sustainable environmentally friendly farming.

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